Mike McKool

Mike McKool is Principal and a Founder of McKool Smith. He is trial counsel for some of the largest corporations in the world. These include major airlines, energy companies, telecommunications firms and investment banking houses.

Rick Schultz

Rick Schultz is an inventor and known figure in the high-end audio industry. He founded Virtual Dynamics and has brought to market many innovative and original products.

Darren Fee

Dr Darren Fee is an audiophile enthusiast and corporate investor. He brings to Magentic Innovations LLC years of experience in business and management processes.

Garret Chambers

Garret Chambers is a Principal in the Dallas office of McKool Smith. He deals with complex commercial and patent litigation for major clients such as Intel, EDS, TIVO and Ericsson.

Jeff Archbold

Jeff Archbold is a Forensic Engineer specializing in bio-materials for Walters Forensic Engineering. His background expertise is metallurgy, material science and mechanical engineering.



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